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Jörg Wachsmuth
Steinweg 30
01468 Moritzburg

Telefon: 0171 6217799

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Jörg Wachsmuth


Professor Jörg Wachsmuth majored in Tuba at the Berlin music academy "Hanns Eisler" and ranks today among the top tuba players in the world.

Amongst a great many different musical engagements, Jörg Wachsmuth has been a solo tuba player in the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra since 2000. Simultaneously he indulges in his passion for chamber music as a dedicated member of the renowned Melton Tuba Quartett.

Musical awards

Being an award winner in many international musical competitions, Jörg Wachsmuth is in high demand for both national and international events, both as a solo player and as a jury member. Overseas concert trips have taken him to Amerika, France, Austria, Russia, Argentina, Brasil, Japan and Korea.

Professional career

  • 2002 Jörg Wachsmuth becomes a teacher at the Carl Maria von Weber College of Music in Dresden.
  • 2006 he obtaines the status of "Kammermusiker" (Chamber Musician) which is raised to "Kammervirtuosen" (Chamber Virtuoso) in 2012.
  • 2009 Jörg Wachsmuths teachership is converted into a professorship for Tuba at the Carl Maria von Weber College of Music.
  • Nowadays Professor Wachsmuth teaches worldwide, conducts masterclasses and is a much sought after member for musical contests.

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