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KultBlechDresden - Uwe Steimle - Silent night ... NO WAY!

Behold KultBlechDresden's initial cd 'Von wegen Stille Nacht' (Silent night ... no way!). KultBlechDresden is a group of 13 brass players and a percussionist, united in their committment to great BRASS chamber music!

This cd contains the story of E.T.A. Hoffmans fairytale 'Nussknacker und Mausekönig', textually adapted by Henner Kotte and exquisitely narrated by Uwe Steimle, one of Dresdens finest actors. Hans-Reiner Schmidt and Markus Höller take credit for the unique musical interpretation of Peter Iljitsch Tschaikowskis 'Nutcracker swing' (Nussknacker Suite) and various classical Christmas-themes from all over the world

A genuine musical Christmas tale for the whole family

Anmahnung der Phantasie (Text)
Hirten auf Reisen

Der Mann aus Holz (Text)
Le Chocolat

Die kaputten Zähne (Text)
Danse de la Fée dragée

Schlag zwölf (Text)
Le Café

Sieben Köpfe (Text)

Die Schlacht beginnt (Text)

Wie die Schlacht endet (Text)
Little Drummer Boy

Nach der Schlacht (Text)
Valse des Fleurs Intro

Der gesundete Held (Text)
Valse des Fleurs

Kinder! Ein Märchen (Text)
Frohes Fest und gute Nacht

Sind die Lichter angezündet

Steimles world of music

Actor Uwe Steimle and his travel companion Michael Seidel explore 'Steimles Welt' (the world according to Steimle). While doing so, they love to strike up a song, which has lead to new versions of known 'world-hits' coming into existance, like 'Fludschen musses', 'Herzbäbe' and Udo Jürgens' 'Ich war noch niemals in New-York'.

Furthermore they present lots of new songs, the soundtrack to Steimles show and guest-stars like star-tubaplayer Jörg Wachmuth.

Raise the curtain for 'Steimles world of music'!

(cd published by BushFunk )


Featuring Tom Pauls, KV Prof. Jörg Wachsmuth and Masumi Sakagami

Ilse Bähnert, (played by Tom Pauls), offers a whole new explanation to classical music. In the componay of classical pianist Masumi Sakagami (Japan) and Chamber Virtuoso Professor Jörg Wachsmuth (Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra) she offers us a night full of fun, music and love ...

Tubamania tells the story of the merry widow Ilse Bähnert from Saxonia, who is visited by the professor of music from nextdoor. She is impressed by his cerdemonial appearance and inevitably falls for this handsome man and his instrument. It should be mentioned that music runs in her family. Her father used to conduct the 'Leipziger Gewandhausorchester'. She herself performed in the famous 'Konzertbühne der Staatsoperette' and conducted no less than the 'Dresden Philharmonie' and the 'Elbland Philharmonie Saxonia'

Tonights surprise visit brings back many memories of her own musical past. These are presented to us - between coffee and eggnog - in form of gags, anecdotes and favourite songs, ranging from Liszt to Bach and form tango to Csárdás.

Multifaceted, expressive as never before ..

Melton Tuba Quartett - Grand Concerto 4 Tuba

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  1. Jubilare!
  2. Adagio for Strings
  3. Grand Concerto 4 Tubas
  4. Adagio for Tuba Octet
  5. Power
  6. Benediction

Melton Tuba Quartett - Featuring the Meltons

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  1. The Impossible Peter Bond
  2. Bossa Nr.5
  3. Featuring The Meltons
  4. A Story From The Lower Westside
  5. Guca 20h
  6. Here's That Rainy Day
  7. Jalousie
  8. Old Legend
  9. Synergie
  10. You Raise me up
  11. Ballet der Küchenschaben im Mülleimer
  12. Wiegenlied

What a wonderful world

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  1. What a Wonderful World
  2. La Danza Tarantella Neapolitana
  3. Walzer aus der Jazz Suite Nr. 2
  4. Mein kleiner grüner Kaktus
  5. The Carnival of Venice
  6. Auburn is the Colour
  7. Seventeen Come Sunday
  8. Campera aus den 3 Milongas
  9. Desafinado
  10. Samba de Mogán
  11. Tuba Libre Funk
  12. The Carol of the Angels
  13. Tanz der Rohrflöten
  14. Allegro der Ouverture zu Wilhelm Tell
  15. Hallelujah Chor
  16. Einzug der Gladiatoren
  17. Swing Low

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