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Melton Tuba Quartett

The Melton Tuba Quartett was founded in 1987. Up till today it is the one and only ensemble of its kind in Germany, uniting 4 tuba-player! Its vast amount of concerts, in- and outside of Germany, has firmly established the Quartett in the world of brass music.

Initial public performances met with such positive response, that soon radiostations as well as international festivals where more than happy to welcome them. Amongst others, the quartett performed at the "International Tuba-congress" in Riva-de-Garda, Italy and the "Band Tuba Conference", Washington, USA 1999 & 2006.

The quartetts main emphasis is on youth work. Its both playfull and informative family concerts brings young audiences into contact with the tuba and its specific kind of music.

Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra

The Dresden philharmonic orchestra can look back at nearly one and a half centuries of history. Ever since the construction of Dresdens first large concert hall in 1870, the orchestra has been part of the cities cultural heritage.

Till today the orchestras main emphasis lies on playing concertos, with occasional excursions into concertante operas and oratiorios. Since 29 April 2017, the new Kulturpalast has formed the cultural centre of the city of Dresden. With its new concert hall, the new cultural palace forms the backdrop for the world-famous Dresden symphony orchestra, conducted by Michael Sanderling since 2011.

The orchestras sound is characterized by its passion for romantic repertoire. Its flexibility in both sound and style allows the orchestra to adapt to a broad variety of musical styles, starting from baroque music through viennese classic all the way to contemporary classic music. Throughout the history of the orchestra, a great many famous composers and conductors have influenced the sound, amongst them Brahms, Tschaikowski, Dvořák, Strauss, Penderecki and Holliger.

Jörg Wachsmuth has been a member of the Dresden Philharmonic since 2000.


13 brass players and a percussionist, united in their committment to great BRASS chamber music! All except for one are members of the renowned Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra.

It all started with a series of biennial christmas concerts in the Dresden Frauenkirche, from which sprouted the desire to found a brass ensemble, dedicated to chamber music.

Responsible for the ensembles unique musical character is the composer and trombone player Hans-Reiner Schmidt.

In cooperation with the dresdner actor and cabaret artist Uwe Steimle, KultBlechDresden recorded in 2018 its version of E.T.A. Hoffmans fairytale "Nussknacker und Mäusekönig" (Bushfunk Berlin https://konsum.buschfunk.com/hoerbuecher/von-wegen-stille-nacht.html.)

Further projects are in development ...

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